August 25, 2012 – Saturday

  • Today has been a lay back day. Mostly mundane stuff….laundry, mopping floors, etc. My hubby is always a big help!

    After cleaning and laundry, I worked on my 3 classes I’m taking this semester. I read a chapter of the book for the portfolio class, very interesting stuff…glad I bought the book! Then I read a chapter for the History of Art class, and now I’ve been working on brushing up on Adobe Illustrator. The last time I bought software for Illustrator was CS3, now we are using CS6. Big difference between the to editions. A lot a great new stuff to do and easier ways of doing it.

    Now I’m getting ready to go to the Saturday night service at my church (Las Cruces First Assembly of God) where I volunteer in Kid’s World. This is our second Saturday night service. Last week we had a really good turnout–we had a total of 79 people. Can’t wait to see how many will be there tonight.

    Trying to figure out blogging has been a challenge, since this is my first time. It’s a little different from what you do on Facebook.

    See you soon!

    Have a great day, may you be blessed!


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