Currently, I'm in the second largest city in New Mexico - Las Cruces

Bio: This is my final semester at school, I will be graduating December, 2012 with an Associates in Science for Graphic Design. It has taken a long time to finally get to this point with a few detours. Initially I started a degree in Business Management - I wanted to be in charge soooooo much, that is until I was a supervisor of a department of six women for five and one half years-then I knew management was not for me. I never want to be in charge again - too much work, not enough pay, and never being appreciated. About that time I changed my career from being a supervisor for a third party administrator (processing health claims) to become an Executive Administrative Assistant-I only want to be in charge or responsible for one person -- the boss. Then I decided to change my major from Business Management to Fine Arts, focusing on lighting design for the theater. After a few classes I took a long break from school to explore other interests in life. When I moved from Maryland to New Mexico I had found that I have a talent for graphic design. I love creating something from nothing - you know a blank page. Adobe Illustrator and InDesign are my two favorite programs to use for drawing and editing. It is amazing what you can do...

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  1. This semester at DACC (Dona Ana Community College) in Las Cruces, New Mexico I’m supposed to write a “blog” twice a week. I’m not sure if I’m on the right track, since this is my very first time to post a blog. I’d like to know what other people think of blogging?

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